12 Dangerous Complications caused by Diabetes

Following are the most dangerous complications that are caused by Diabetes:

  1.  Eye Disease:  Diabetes damages blood vessels in eyes leading to impairment of vision
  2. Neuropathy:  High Sugar levels damage the nerves and cause loss of sensation of pain, heat/cold.
  3. Gangrene and Amputation:  Since pain is not felt easily by diabetics, they fail to take proper care of a wound. this wound may get infected by bacteria causing gangrene eventually. In extreme cases, amputation of the affected part is done.
  4. Arterial Blockages: Diabetes causes deposits of fatty substances in blood which clings to the artery walls. This results in hardening of blood vessels and causes High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure further weakens the heart.
  5. Kidney Failure: Diabetes results in narrowing of blood vessels in kidney which causes immense damage to kidneys.
  6. Skin Infections and Slow Healing Wounds:  High Sugar Levels in the body ae ideal ground for bacteria to thrive. Diabetes thus results in high incidences of skin infections. Also the healing time of wounds increases drastically.
  7. Pain in limbs: Fluctuating sugar levels cause weakness and pain in limbs.
  8. Hair Loss: Partial or Complete Hair loss occurs due to Diabetes.
  9. Digestive Problems: The metabolism is severely affected in Diabetes which always causes digestion related problems.
  10. Weakness and Exhaustion: Diabetic patients get tired more frequently and easily. This is because sugar as fuel is not ideally available to the body cells
  11. High Medical Costs: The medical costs related to medicines, check ups and visits to doctor take a toll on your finances and it affects your monetary needs heavily.
  12. Disinterest in Life: Restrictions on food and living a life governed by doctor, rules and timetable causes depression and general disinterest in the life of Diabetic patients.

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