Avoid the 4 Whites

New lifestyle diseases are a bane to mankind today. We ourselves have created these diseases by consuming more and more refined and processed foods. If you can, try to avoid the 4 Whites as much as possible:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • White Rice
  • White Flour

Try to minimize salt in your diet as it can lead to high blood pressure and other problems. Sugar, white rice and white wheat flour poison our system as they are processed and robbed of their nutrients. Moreover, they harm our bodies by creating fat, insulin resistance, sugar spikes, toxifying our bodies and causing constipation. They are responsible for causing metabolic disturbances in all the cells of the body, thus creating sickness in body and mind. Simply avoid the above 4 whites. Use brown rice instead of white rice. Use coarse/ whole wheat flour instead of refined white flour. Avoid sugar consumption as much as possible.
Following the above tips will go a long way in attaining health and happiness.

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