Understand Your Personality

We are all unique humans and each of us has a unique personality. According to psychologists, there are various classifications of personalities. One such type of classification tells that in every person, there are 4 types of attributes namely

  • Director (dominating, leader type person)
  • Harmonizer (sacrificing, pacifying type of person)
  • Expressor (outspoken and extrovert type person)
  • Thinker (analytic and thoughtful person )

All of us have all these 4 attributes in varying magnitudes.  If you have a thinker attribute that is stronger than other attributes, you should not choose to be a manager. Rather you should be an author, data analyst, programmer, engineer, etc. A director attribute is apt for leadership and management. A harmonizer attribute is apt for nurse, human resource professional, hospitality industry while an expressor attribute is good for media industry. Understand your personality type and choose the profession suited to your inherent personality attribute type. You will be happier, calmer and satisfied.

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