File Your Documents in Organized Way
We often misplace documents and papers that are important for financial and legal purpose. Most people keep their documents in an unorganized way and simply dump them in their cupboards. When the time comes to retrieve any document, they search and search and finally grumble in despair. This is self created problem. Follow the below steps to manage your documents
  1. Buy some good quality files.
  2. Name and number each file.
  3. Classify each document
  4. File each document in the respective file
  5. Maintain an index book which states name and number of EVERY file
  6. Whenever you add a new file, update the index book
  7. Every weekend or fortnight, ensure you file all loose documents
  8. Stick to the habit of filing documents meticulously
The above simple steps will effectively manage your documents and save you from chaos !

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