Cut down Salt intake

Consuming lot of salt in your diet seriously affects your health. Too much salt intake causes high blood pressure, osteoporosis, asthma, weight gain and anxiety. Cut down your consumption of processed food, chips, burgers, sauces, junk food as these contain too much sodium.Try to reduce salt quantity in your food by using herbal substitutes like ginger, garlic, chilly, pepper, mint and lemon. This will enhance the taste of food while it will help you cut down usage of salt. Always remember that your taste of salt is an acquired taste i.e. you have made yourself like the taste of salt. It is in your best interest to develop taste for natural herbal substitutes, Initially it will be challenging. But later you will see that your taste for salt will change significantly and you will always prefer less salt. Reducing salt intake by one-third will significantly reduce health risks such as high blood pressure,strokes and heart attacks.

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