Lucid Dreaming
A lucid dream is any dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming.Lucid dream usually occurs while you are in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realize that you are dreaming. Once you realize this, you have the ability to control your dreams. This ability is the most essential part of lucid dreaming. You can do wonderful things through lucid dreaming such as  
  • You can get information from your subconscious that can change your life
  • You will have a better and more restful sleep
  • Improvement in your memory
  • You can learn a skill in one night
Tips for Lucid Dreaming
  • During the day, repeatedly ask “Am I dreaming” and perform some reality checks whenever you remember.
  • Keep a dream journal.
  • Learn the best time to have a lucid dream
  • Get into the habit of doing reality checks.
  • Look through previous dreams in your Dream Journal.
  • As you prepare for sleep each night, sit in your bed and take a minute to relax.
Technique for Lucid Dreaming
  • Continue to repeat this phrase, “I will dream about” along with (your desired dream) as you look at your hands.
    • e.g I will dream about  visiting my ancestral village near the river etc.
  • After thirty minutes of such repeating , or whenever you get tired turn off the light and go to sleep.
  • When you wake during the night, look at your hand, and say the same phrase.
  • With consistent practice of this phrase each night before sleep, you will suddenly see your hands pop up in front of you when dreaming, and consciously realize, “My hands!” Oh my gosh! This is a dream.
  • Now within the dream, explore and control the events and situations seen in the dream.
So practice lucid dreaming, achieve your goals and become successful.

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