T’ai Chi

T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art and system like Yoga. It consists of sequences of very slow controlled movements. Today’s fast paced life in the modern world puts everybody under stress. At times, one just needs to slow down and relax. But how ? This is where T’ai Chi comes in. Slowing down is the grand ultimate principle of T’ai Chi. T’ai Chi helps you to focus on the internal aspects of yourself. If you practice T’ai Chi, you will easily perceive the energy that flows through your spirit. The stillness that comes with slowness is what T’ai Chi is all about. You get all the benefits of T’ai Chi only when you do the practice of T’ai Chi slowly.

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Regular practice of T’ai Chi gives following benefits:

  1. Strengthens and stimulates every muscle, joint, organ, gland and tissue of your body
  2. Heals chronic health problems and joint and back injuries
  3. Raises energy level and improves circulation
  4. Relieves stress, even deep unconscious stress that often goes undetected

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