Observe Nature

You may not realize but the reality is that you are unhappy as you are cut off from Nature. This is unfortunately the outcome of industrialized world. Gone are the days when a person would walk to work merrily treading along the grassy path in the meadow ! Posh cars, luxury goods, gadgets, lifestyle may give you momentary happiness. But your inner void will remain unchanged. Connecting with Nature is very much essential. You will have to create certain moments in your day to connect with Nature. This means going to a park, watching the trees, admiring the flowers, listening to birds, feeling the breeze against your skin or watching the sea waves. Completely forget your monetary status or professional achievements or your great, meritorious educational qualifications. Become one with Nature and feel your mind, body and soul as a part of Nature. Suddenly you will feel rejuvenated, happy within and joy will flow in your heart. Practice this daily and see the results yourself.

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