Learn to Adapt

The world is changing fast ! Think how life was 30 years back. There were no smartphones or internet or satellite TV. See how the world is now. All the non-existent things 30 years back have become indispensable for life. The world is changing so fast now that you will wonder at times what will happen next ? How it will impact you ? Is the fast rate of change good or bad for you ?  Relax and breathe easy. The world has always been changing and all people across all generations keep facing challenges due to the changes. Do not stick on to your self created old world leanings. Face the present directly by adapting to all changes.  Follow the below tips to adapt to the changing world.

  1. Do not be over attached to the memories of “good old days” of the past.
  2. Spend some time every week to read latest books on technology and society.
  3. Invest time in learning new technology.
  4. Accept the fact that new generations will have a different mindset and values from yours.
  5. Seek solace in timeless principles of spirituality
  6. Work out a balanced living between your “old world” and “new world”.
  7. Remember, life is meant for living in present in hope for a better future and not to dwell on past.

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