18 Key Learnings from Bhagwad Gita

The Bhagwad Gita is the Holy Book of the Hindus. It is a spiritual guide on how to live a Divine and fulfilling life in the world. Lord Krishna imparted this knowledge to his friend and follower Arjun in the midst of a battlefield. Arjun was unwilling and heartbroken to fight a war against his own clan. Krishna showed him the path to duty and stand for righteousness. The knowledge thus given to Arjun by Lord Krishna is compiled in 18 chapters and is known as “The Bhagwad Gita” which means “The Divine Song”.

Each chapter explains in detail various aspects of right living. The main point of each chapter is given as below for quick reference. It is highly recommended to read the book in entirety and contemplate on it daily.

  1. Wrong Thinking is the only problem in Life
  2. Right Knowledge is the ultimate solution to all our problems
  3. Selflessness is the only way to progress and prosperity
  4. Every Act can be an Act of Prayer
  5. Renounce the Ego of Individuality and rejoice in the Bliss of Infinity
  6. Connect to the Higher Consciousness daily
  7. Live What you Learn
  8. Never Give up on Yourself
  9. Value your blessings
  10. See Divinity all around
  11. Have Enough surrender to see the Truth as it is
  12. Absorb your Mind and Heart in the Supreme Lord
  13. Detach from Maya and Attach to Divine
  14. Live a Lifestyle that matches your mission
  15. Give Priority to Divinity
  16. Being Good is a Reward in itself
  17. Choosing the Right Over the Pleasant is a Sign of Power
  18. Let Go, Let’s move to Union with God
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