The Secret of The Veda – by Sri Aurobindo

The Vedas are the most ancient, sacred scriptures of the world. The real base of Hinduism are the Vedas. The Vedas are revelatory experiences compiled by enlightened seers of ancient times. There have been so many contributions to the Vedas by these holy seers and yet one can’t pinpoint who exactly was the contributor. To this day, the Vedas remain ultimate source of inspiration and knowledge for seekers of Self Realization. The Holy Vedas give a complete way of living a Divine Life for all beings in the Universe. Each individual person can find his/her way of path to Divine Living as per his/her requirements. The Vedas are written in Sanskrit Language and in form of symbols and allegories. Hence it is not wise to directly decipher the meanings of the writings in literal sense.  The great realized master, saint, seer, philosopher of India , Sri Aurobindo wrote a book “The Secret of the Veda” in which he has given real meaning of the Vedas. Sri Aurobindo was a great sage of modern times who lived from 1872 to 1950 in India and showed humankind the next giant step it has to inevitably take.  While you can order your copy of the book online, I am sharing a link for free pdf copy. 

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