Why similar people tend to form groups ?

Ever wondered why people automatically join groups or friend circle ? People with similar traits, thoughts and feelings somehow get attracted to each other. Similarly inanimate objects also show certain tendency as per their properties. Watch this wonderful video based on quantum physics. A big quantity of colored balls is passed through array of quartz crystals. The colored balls  get segregated as per their colors due to resonance of the quartz crystals as each color has a different resonance. In the same way you group with people that vibrate in the same frequency as yours.  This is how the universe works. Your way of thinking, feeling, behaving, liking, disliking etc are emanated through a certain inner being within you which vibrates at a particular wavelength. A person with similar kind of wavelength will get automatically drawn to you if you associate with him/her. So it is not merely a saying “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together ! ”  

Click for Video “Why similar people tend to form groups ?”


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