Walk Barefoot on Earth

Walking barefoot on earth imparts various benefits to your physical and mental health. The Earth is a big magnet. It is surrounded by electromagnetic field. Modern living has cut down substantially our direct contact with Earth.  People of older times were directly walking on earth and never lived in high multistorey apartments which enabled them to be in direct and close contact with magnetic field of earth. The Earth has a subtle life energy. When we walk or stand directly on Earth, we directly gain this subtle life energy which greatly improves our physical and mental health. It is very healing and energising and it is totally free ! Make it a point to directly walk on earth for at least 15 minutes everyday. Ensure that any cut or wound on your feet is properly bandaged before walking. Preferably walk on grass, beach, sand or earth. Avoid uneven surfaces or hot concrete surfaces which may injure you. Also morning time is best to use for barefoot walking as you directly gain healing energy from morning sun too. Within 2 months you will yourself notice positive health changes if you walk everyday.


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