Simple Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe

We all love eating ice-creams. Generally all ice-creams are laden with milk, cream, sugar, chemicals, preservatives and what not. These are all unhealthy ingredients. We all know this. Yet we are unable to resist the temptation and eat loads of ice-cream. Did you know you can make delicious ice-creams all by yourself which make you healthier ? Yes, you heard it right. You can easily make vegan ice-creams at home without any milk, sugar, chemicals or colors ! And it is very easy and simple to do that too.  Here are few simple recipes for making healthy, yummy vegan ice-creams at home.

Basic Recipe:

Take a peeled ripe banana and cut into pieces. Take equal quantity of pieces of ripe jackfruit. Put them in a freezer for some hours till they are completely frozen. Take them out and blend the frozen fruits in a mixie until you get consistent,creamy and thick paste. That is your ice-cream. Take it in a bowl and enjoy.

You can use various fruit combinations as follows:

  • Banana + Mango
  • Banana + Strawberry
  • Banana + Cashew pieces + Dates + Vegan Milk + Cocoa powder
  • Banana + Cherry
  • Banana + Pear
  • Banana + Peaches

You can try your own combinations of fruits. Just ensure that the fruits are pulpy. Fruits such as orange, apples, plums are juicy and hence can be used for making popsicles which are another way to enjoy fruits. Children love these fruit popsicles and you do not have to worry about their health.

Try adding dash of natural flavors like cinnamon, ginger, vanilla beans, cardamom, mint, lemon to your ice-creams. You can also add pieces of dry fruits such as raisins, blueberries, almonds, walnuts as toppings. There are many variations you can build for yourself as per your taste. Simply avoid milk, sugar and chemical colors and flavors. There are a variety of recipes available on internet. Try them out and discover your favorite ones !

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