Eat Fruits on Empty Stomach

Fruits are natural food for humans. The digestive system of human body is ideally designed for digestion and assimilation of fruits. If you eat fruits on empty stomach, it will help detoxifying your system. You will feel energetic and also lose weight. Ideally eat the whole fruit instead of having its juice. Eating and chewing the whole fruit allows saliva in your mouth to mix with the fruit. This helps in digestion of fruit and you get maximum nourishment from the fruit.  Eating only fruits for three days will rejuvenate your body. You will feel fresh, radiant and energetic. Try to have local fruits as much as possible i.e. eat fruits native to your country and that grow in your region. Never eat fruits after a meal as this will cause bloating and burping. This is because the food in your stomach will prevent further movement of fruit in the stomach and this will create discomfort for you. It is always best to consume organic fruits. Wash fruits thoroughly to remove traces of dirt, pesticides and other chemicals. Never throw away the seeds of the fruit. Store them and sprinkle them on an empty ground or land which you find suitable for growing trees. Mother Nature will create wonderful trees from the seeds you sow on the ground. Make it a habit to sow seeds of consumed fruits in an appropriate place. Cut down packaged foods and increase intake of fruits. Watch the change in your health and energy levels !

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