The 3 Qualities of Nature

The entire world is governed by Mother Nature. She is the one who creates, sustains and destroys everything in this world. Have you ever wondered about the different aspects of Her ? Firstly you cannot separate yourself from Nature. You are a part of Her. She manifests many of Her doings through you too !

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Nature has 3 quality attributes namely: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

  • Sattva stands for  intelligence, goodness, constructiveness and harmonious qualities
  • Rajas  stands for passion, activity and ambition
  • Tamas stands for darkness, destructive, chaotic qualities

All humans have all the above 3 qualities in varying degrees. Every moment, you are governed by either of these 3 qualities. A person with predominantly Sattva quality is a peaceful, loving, helpful and internally calm. Someone with Rajas disposition is very dynamic, restless and ambitious. A Tamas quality dominated person is dull, indifferent, passive and lazy. The interplay of 3 qualities affect an individual’s values, and these values affect individual’s actions, happiness and serenity experienced by the individual. Though all entities in the world have these 3 qualities, this article focuses on human related qualities. 

Firstly, all the 3 qualities are required for living a balanced life.  When you are working and earning money with an ambition, the Rajas quality is essentially doing its work. This enables you to be active and energetic. When you spend this earned money wisely on yourself, family and society such that it is a win-win situation for everyone, then it is Sattva quality that works in you. After being tired and exhausted of working, you find solace in rest and sleep. This is the Tamas quality that is essential for your upkeep. However, excess of sleep and rest will make you dull, inert and lazy. Similarly working continuously to achieve your ambition will make you feel lost and disoriented. This is due to excess of Rajas quality. Sattva quality will make your nature good and friendly. But if you are excessively kind and nice to everyone, people may start taking advantage of you. This will be harmful for you. Sattva quality should also be exercised wisely. A wise and balanced approach of all the above 3 qualities will establish you in equilibrium and you will achieve inner happiness and satisfaction. 

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