Sense of Sex

Every organism is equipped with an important and unavoidable capability to reproduce, leaving a few intra-organism exceptions. Mankind is no exception to this natural capability of REPRODUCTION. Mankind is an exception in the execution of the process of PROCREATION, which is not limited to reproduction!

Procreation is a continuum!
It is an unending process which starts in the minds of the parents with just the thoughts of reproduction and goes on from the preparation of the body for right reproduction to the right and responsible act of sex to the process of pregnancy to the birth of the offspring to the nurturing of the baby to the upbringing of the child to the settlement of the grown-up child to the thoughts and concerns of the overall well-being of the child and so on! It never ends till the death and beyond. The Act of sex is merely a natural point of attraction in this whole continuum! The Sense of sex is the whole of it.
Water is an exceptional substance which in the solid state has a slightly lesser relative density than its liquid state. The solid form of water, the Ice, floats in water keep most of its portion sunk in Water. To be exact, 91.7% of the volume of the ice stays below the water when it floats in the water. The ICEBERG (Please refer the image) is a right representation of our whole existence. The conscious vs beyond-conscious existences of us are depicted by the portion above and below the water level of the iceberg, respectively. Only approx. 10% of the iceberg stays above the salty seawater level.
Beyond-conscious means the aspects which do not happen within our conscious knowledge! The aspects which are autonomous in nature and involuntary in execution. All the beyond conscious aspects are programmatically executed by us under the governance of Nature. These aspects are done in a perfect order under the given circumstances and the individual capacities.
Conscious means the aspects which happen under our conscious decision. The aspects which are non-autonomous and voluntary in nature. All the conscious aspects are intentionally sketched by us. The quantum of the conscious aspects is very little in comparison to the beyond conscious aspects. But the conscious aspects do have the potentials to hinder the orders and processes of the beyond conscious programs of Nature. These conscious hindrances often bring ill-health to us. This happens due to the ignorance and negligence towards the beyond conscious processes that are programmed within us.
Let’s dive little deeper and try to understand the conscious and beyond conscious aspects in terms of the current topic.
The SENSE OF SEX is the cumulation of the conscious and the beyond-conscious aspects of sex, while the ACT OF SEX is the conscious aspect of sex, which is a small portion of the whole process. Programmatically, the whole SENSE OF SEX is connected to the natural capability of the reproduction and procreation. Every time we prepare ourselves for the ACT OF SEX, consciously, the beyond-conscious portion of our existence gets prepared for the reproduction to start with and the expectations of procreation to diverge too. To elaborate, every time we think or initiate an ACT OF SEX, the body prepares the reproductive fluids with utmost care and involvement of our VITALITY. This preparation, every time, is very precise and perfect in order, with a lot of VITALITY involved in it. This is a very important understanding in terms of our health and happiness. If our conscious act is not in line with our beyond conscious preparations, then there is a lack of integrity which creates a contradiction within us. This contradiction has the potential to enervate us and create health hazards in terms of inviting toxaemia and more stages of the disease. Obviously, the number of ACTS OF SEX and the number of REPRODUCTION can never match, in reality! There comes the conception of PROCREATION to rescue. The procreative-association in the act of sex is always healthy and Non-enervating in nature. The meaning of procreative-association is, there must be an INTENTIONAL association of procreation between the partners who indulge in the ACT OF SEX. It means either they are planning for procreation in the future or they are already parts of the continuum of an existing procreation.
This brings a harmony between the conscious and the beyond conscious aspects of sex. This brings the better SENSE OF SEX. How does it serve towards the EXISTING CONTINUUM OF PROCREATION?
The definition of sex is: It is a private expression of RESPONSIBLE love! Procreation is a RESPONSIBLE act of life where both the partners are Involved in life. It is a conscious decision and rejoices in the beyond-conscious level too.
When two partners, who have reproduced in the past and already have become parts of an existing procreative-continuum, involve themselves in the ACT OF SEX (which may not be a necessary-coital-instance but merely a physical-cuddling), they privately express immense love to each other.This love contributes a lot, towards the procreative association, holistically. A child always relishes the relation between the loving parents, consciously and beyond consciously, both. A child always feels rejected when s/he experiences non-existence of love between the parentsParents with deeper SENSE OF SEX, play an exceptional role in the development of the child and the EXISTING CONTINUUM OF PROCREATION.


All of these are the products of limited sex education. The sex education which focuses more on the ACTS OF SEX than the SENSE OF SEX creates confusion amongst the generations. Irrational focus on the ACT OF SEX triggers further irrationality in terms of non-procreative association of sex. Which creates disharmony between conscious and beyond conscious levels. PORNOGRAPHY is basically capturing of the ACT OF SEX in a non-electronic or an electronic form. Pornography can be of two types. It can be either acted by the actors or it can be irrationally captured by manipulating the real ACT OF SEX. If we perceive analytically and think deeper, we would find that the cheating is involved in both the modes. In the acted pornography, it is never a private act. It is acted in the presence of the whole set of crews, the director, the camerapersons, the mic guys, the clappers, the spot boys etc. The captured act is merely a faked action mostly under the influence of chemicals. This deeper and analytical understanding can never trigger sexual feelings in a healthy person who is watching this captured act. The other type of pornography, of manipulation, is an outright involvement by the watchers in a criminal act of cheating the innocents. After the deeper analysis of this aspect, the triggering of sexual feeling is not possible in a healthy personFANTASY is a personal form of pornography. It is mostly irrational and severely enervating act. The characters of the fantasy, if are not really connected to the individual in a procreative-association, then it creates contradiction and confusion between the conscious and the beyond-conscious levels for the individual.This eventually enervates the individual to invite ill-health.

MASTURBATION is the self-stimulating sexual act. In heterotrophs, the act of sex is naturally programmed to perform in a pair. Sex, performed singly, is another contradiction between the conscious and beyond conscious levels. In beyond conscious level, the self-stimulating act of sex also initiates the precious pro-active production of reproduction fluid which is highly potent to initiate a life! The act of masturbation might help one to reduce the momentary sexual frustration but it grossly fails to address the cause. The cause is the falsified understanding of the holistic nature of The SENSE OF SEX. In most of the cases, this irrational act does not only fail to address the cause but also contributes towards the enhancement of the cause by adding more irrational components in the thought process.
Thoughts on same-sex-orientation
Organisms are programmed to REPAIR, REPRODUCE and REACT/RESPOND. The state of non-executing an existing capability is an unfortunate state. Our whole existence is not merely a conscious existence! If we choose consciously not to execute some of the capabilities which we are programmed within us to execute, we do injustice to our beyond conscious capability, which is a toll on our health. If we are programmed to do something, we should do it to maintain the state of health and neutrality. It is applied to the capability of REPRODUCTION too! If we are biologically incapable of executing some specific capability, it is an unfortunate but real state. Which needs to be accepted and accommodated for a healthy existence. Same-sex-orientation is the state where an individual is sexually attracted towards the same gender and incapable of reproduction, biologically or psychologically.
Definitely, this is not a criminal offence but a deprivation from one of the natural capabilities.
The importance of sex education in terms of holistic SENSE OF SEX is undeniable! Unless the cause is removed or worked upon, the symptomatic evolution of irrational sexual acts and crimes can never be handled. It can be suppressed in tiny little spaces and acts but remain untreated at large. More we connect SENSE OF SEX with the PROCREATION and the PLEASURE OF PROCREATION, more we achieve healthy understanding and executions of ACT OF SEX.
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