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Thirty years ago only 5% of our adult population had diabetes, while today the number stands at more than 30%. Research indicates that people with diabetes may be losing between 10 to 19 years of their life. This alarming problem is being addressed by a wonderful organisation called Sharan.

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SHARAN’s vision is a diabetes free India. Contrary what you hear, there IS a cure for diabetes that is within the reach of everybody.  Their methods are based on scientific evidence. They have been used and tested by doctors all over the world and are becoming a part of mainstream knowledge in other countries. SHARAN consists of a growing group of doctors and professionals connected by the same vision of what it means to be really healthy. It was founded by Dr.Nandita Shah, a Homeopath in the year 2005. Dr. Shah first became vegan because of ethical issues. Currently Dr. Shah heads SHARAN, conducts Peas vs Pills Seminars, Reversing Diabetes and Hypertension & Heart Disease Seminars all over India and abroad, conducts Cooking Classes, is a facilitator in SHARAN’s retreats and does individualized personal consultations and phone consultations.  If you are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity or any other illness, please attend their various programmes for reversal of your diseases. There are residential programmes as well as one day seminars. You will surely get healed by following SHARAN’s way of life.

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