The STEM Careers ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

STEM Careers are careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics — the careers that will be in demand in the future, and will create the economy of tomorrow. The term STEM is typically used for education policy in schools to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. The acronym came into common use shortly after an interagency meeting on science education held at the US National Science Foundation.

  •  In  USA ,  STEM  is widely used in education and immigration policies regarding perceived lack of qualified candidates for high-tech jobs.
  • It also addresses concern that the subjects are often taught in isolation, instead of as an integrated curriculum. Maintaining a workforce that is well versed in the STEM fields is a key portion of the public education agenda of the USA.
  • STEM has been widely used in the immigration debate regarding access to United States work visas for immigrants who are skilled in these fields. 

 STEM supports broadening the study of engineering within each of the other subjects, and beginning engineering at younger grades, even elementary school. It also brings STEM education to all students rather than only the gifted programs. The US Department of Commerce notes STEM fields careers are some of the best-paying and have the greatest potential for job growth in the early 21st century. The report also notes that STEM workers play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. economy. Therefore training in STEM fields generally results in higher wages, whether or not they work in a STEM field. In 2015, there were around 9.0 million STEM jobs in the United States, representing 6.1% of American employment. STEM jobs were increasing around 9% percent per year.

Some examples of STEM jobs are: Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Statistician, Logistician, Actuary, Electrical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Forester, Physicist, Medical Scientist, Data Scientist, Animal Scientist, Software Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Conservation Scientist, Life Scientist, Geoscientist

Plan your academics and career based on STEM concept for a well paying and fulfilling career.

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