The Blind Side ( Movie )

Do you know US has the maximum number of Nobel Prize winners in the world ? Yes, US has produced a whopping 377 number of Nobel Prize winners till date and it will continue to produce more. Do you know why ? This is because of the greatness of US Education system. The US has designed and built its education system which inherently taps the best talent or strength an individual has. This means the system automatically helps an individual from his childhood stage to follow the path for which he has a natural aptitude. A person is drawn towards a career he is best suited for. So if a individual has latent aptitude for research and scientific thinking, the US education system brings out this aptitude and enables him to further work in this field. So no wonder, so many Nobel Prize winners are from US ! To easily understand this fact, please watch the movie “The Blind Side ” released in 2009. It is based on a true story.  A school teacher notices a black orphan boy called Mike who is struggling for survival. She admits him to a school and helps educating him. She has to struggle with the school authorities as they find Mike weak in education. She gets his analysis done and identifies his core strength is his highly protective instinct. The movie wonderfully takes us through the journey of how she builds up Mike’s life based on his core strength and finally Mike achieves success and recognition in the world. Most importantly, Mike gains self-acceptance, self esteem ,feeling of sense of worth and love from the society. The movie is entertaining and gives you a very good insight about the US education system and the compassionate US citizens who work for humanity.

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