The Wonderful World of Children

William Wordsworth wrote in his poetry ” The child is the father of the man “. And he was so right ! Children live in a wonderful world of their own. Once, you too were a child. Try recollecting how was it ? You may recollect your memories from 5 years age onwards. From birth to five years age, you hardly will be able to recall anything. Right ?

All humans are constituted of the Spirit or the Soul, mind and the body. Modern education emphasises mainly on body and mind and leaves spirit for religion. Well, here is the truth. It is your soul that is truly Divine. It works and manifests using the body and mind as its tools.  

When you are a child, the soul is very prominent. It is in the forefront considerably till the age of five. From five to twelve, it starts losing its prominence in your personality. The body and mind take over the personality. By the age of eighteen, the soul almost takes a back seat. What does this mean ?

Till the age of five, children are primarily governed by their souls. Later as they grow, their minds get conditioned by the world and as they grow older, they operate mainly through their body and mind and less by the soul. Since a soul is perfect expression of the Divine, small children reflect this Divinity naturally. Children are naturally innocent, happy and joyful. It is the soul expression that makes them like this. Even if you see small children fighting amongst themselves, you will find the sight joyful as these fights are so innocent and pure. 

Spend time with children. Directly interact with them. Talk to them, play with them. You will realise the back seated soul within you feels very happy. This will directly make your mind and body happier and healthier. Discover joy in innocent laughter of children. Watch them playing with sheer happiness without any worries whatsoever. Children have such pure minds that they easily and naturally see beings of the subtle world such as angels and fairies. Many times, they will say they saw a cute gnome  or a fairy or little radiant bird etc in the room or garden. You will shrug off these things as imagination of the child. But you may be surprisingly mistaken. The child may be true as children indeed can see subtle world sometimes due to their pure soul nature. So don’t ignore their talks. Just listen and let them speak. Sooner or later they will outgrow this and get blended with the material world. 

Children’s laughter brings positive and Divine energy in the surroundings. Always be kind and nice to children as they are pure manifestations of the Divine. Do your bit for the underprivileged children and donate generously to genuine child welfare organizations. Your little contributions will bring happiness in a child’s life and that will be directly pleasing God Himself.

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