Reading Aloud is good for You

Most probably you must have read aloud a book in your school days. Right ?

It is scientifically proven that reading aloud has mental and physical benefits. Yes, reading aloud can help you live longer. Just find a nice, interesting book and some time for yourself to read aloud. 

Today’s mobile and internet driven gadgetted life has taken its toll on simple joys of human life. The olden days of  reading aloud to a group brought about innumerable benefits to the reader and his listeners.  When someone reads aloud and someone else listens, their brains synchronise. So the storyteller and story-hearer are experiencing the same brain activity and release of neuro chemicals. This is known as neuro-coupling. Reading with others creates a sense of unity and closeness. This is a great antidote to the modern age problems of loneliness and anxiety. 

Language is like a muscle and if you don’t use it, it becomes weak.  Reading aloud to older adults helps them immensely to sharpen their declining cognitive skills. It also significantly improves your memory power. It is scientifically proven that people who read books, live longer than those who don’t.

It is never too late to start reading aloud. Make a small beginning. Take baby steps and start with reading together with your family or close friends. Make it a fun activity and not a dry, morose activity. Find your own way and style of reading aloud and rediscover the lost joy of the old days !

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