Dealing with Mid-Life Health Crisis

Middle age is time to think where you are and what you want to be. The effects of aging start at about 40. But you won’t immediately become middle-aged on your fortieth birthday. People in 40s and 50s age group have dual responsibilities of looking after their own children as well as their elderly parents.  In this age group, people start losing fitness and the onset of lifestyle and urban diseases begins. There is a significant drop in physical activity in the 30 to 60 age group. This directly impacts the health, especially in mid-life stage. Here are few tips to deal with health crisis in middle-age:

  1. Exercise everyday. Do not skip the opportunity to exercise in your daily life. Take walks, use stairs instead of elevator, do manual household work, do gardening, walk to the grocery store instead of driving.
  2. Remember 4S i.e Strength, Stamina, Suppleness, Skill.  To develop all the 4S, choose what you like doing and do it religiously such as aerobics, running, yoga, pilates, swimming. Just find the one you like.
  3. Avoid sitting. As much as possible avoid sitting. Find ways of work that you can do standing. Sitting for long hours brings in lethargy and loss of metabolism rate. Take small walks in office after every 30 minutes.
  4. Get a pet such as dog or cat for improving your physical and mental well being. You could also walk your friend’s or neighbour’s pets which will help you to take enjoyable walks.
  5. Quit smoking and drinking at the earliest. Both these habits take a heavy toll on your health especially in middle age. The damage becomes irreparable in later years and you will still have many responsibilities on you to fulfil. Smoking and drinking are enjoyable at first. But their impact is far more harmful than you can think of. By the time you realize the damage, it is already too late.
  6. Develop good sleep habits.  Listen to calm, soothing music for a good night’s sleep. Remember, in mid-life stage, you need to make this a habit. Sleeping with a calm and relaxed mind is more important in this age as mind and body need much more rest than in younger years.
  7. Read good, inspiring books full of wisdom and positivity. A positive outlook with practical wisdom is more important in mid-life to guide your growing up children and making them aware of their responsibilities.
  8. Watch hilarious and enjoyable television shows and cinema. Keep away from serious, highly emotional shows. Keep your mind happy and cheerful by watching light comedy shows.
  9. Watch your food habits. Have food at regular times and avoid heavy, spicy food. Follow moderation in food habits. Occasional indulgence is fine. But on daily basis, follow healthy vegan and wholesome diet.
  10. Learn to enjoy life in a meaningful way. Help people around you and be kind to all. This is very essential for your emotional and mental health.

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