Declutter your Tech Life

Yes…There is a  “Tech Life”..It means your life revolving around all the gadgets, technologies and various tools used everyday. Just think how much time you spend on your mobile phone, computer, laptop, Television, Tablet !  At times, these technical gadgets become overwhelming to handle. All you may find in your home or office is  a HUGE number of the same. You will find them in cupboards, drawers, tables, bags. Here are few tips to tidy up your technology physically and digitally.

  1.  Gather them all and purge the unrequired ones: You might be having multiple mobile phones. If you see that you have not used one for more than 6 months, simply sell it or give it away to a needy. That’s it ! Do not hold on to gadgets endlessly thinking you might need them later. 
  2. Make proper placeholders for each gadget:  Organize your place and ensure you make a proper place for each gadget. For example, you must keep your laptop in a fixed location in a cupboard or a table. Do not just keep it anywhere. Mobiles should have fixed places for charging and storing. Any extra gadget that is unrequired should not be in your area of operation.
  3. Hide wires as much as possible: Open wires that are visible should be nicely hidden or cleverly concealed. The mess of connecting wires such as between TV and other equipment creates a negativity around and is displeasing to your eyes. These are trivial things on the surface. But they have deep impact on your mind and psyche. 
  4. Do a “File Cleaning” every 6 months: Regularly visit all files in your laptop or mobile and remove the unwanted ones. You may choose to archive some files in a backup disk. But simply remove the files that you will never need in your daily work.
  5. Delete all unnecessary Digital photos: Mobiles, Digital Cameras and Laptops have become repository of pictures today. These are useful if utilised properly for a specific purpose. Otherwise these are simply trash. Just delete them if you don’t need them. Unknowingly, you may be storing pictures that could be used by someone for wrong purpose. Better to delete the unrequired ones and thereby prevent wrong usage of the same.

The above tips, though look simple and easy, are never followed by most people. Apply the same and see how organized and sorted your life becomes.

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