Artificial Intelligence and Your Job

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the way we work in next 2 decades. You may have heard quite often that AI will take away many jobs.  Thankfully, this is not true. So don’t worry about losing your job to AI.  AI is only going to supplement human intelligence across the spectrum- from banking to media.  What is AI ? AI consists of software tools aimed at solving problems. While this may sound something very highly developed technological application, the fact is AI cannot replace human intelligence.  While some elements of AI have been inspired by the human brain, they are not equivalent to the complex human brain.  Remember that if AI solves one task exceedingly well, it will fail if certain conditions are changed even fractionally. AI will not replace humans. It will enhance the experiences. Humans can learn quickly with little information.  It is the opposite with AI i.e. AI requires lot of data inputs to be able to be trained. For example, you can learn to ride a bicycle once you are shown how to do it. But to teach a robot the same through AI means it has to be given lot of data and the robot may take much longer time than a human would.  The truth is, AI is not here to take decisions on its own and certain human emotions such as empathy can never be automated. So chill and never worry when you hear AI will take over your job one day !

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