Invest in Art and Paintings

You must have certainly heard about the famous painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. Also time and again , you read or hear in media about Picasso, M.F Hussain, Van Gogh and many such famous painters. Well, most of you just hear and don’t dwell much on them as you think art and paintings are meant for the museums, art collectors and wealthy people. Collecting fine art is as much about beauty and desirability as it is about investment value. In a strong economy, paintings by legendary artists command a handsome value in the market. A painting by Picasso is viewed as highly prized asset by high net worth individuals. Get into the business of investing in art ONLY if you are passionate about art. Only a person with taste for art can understand its value. Hence it is quite obvious that only true art lovers can become successful investors in art. You may be surprised to know that not only original paintings but also their legal copies fetch a good price in the market. An original painting will have a very high market price.  A print of the original is still considered a work of art and can have a good value. If the print carries original autograph of the artist then it will fetch a higher value than the non autographed one. Gicleé is a type of print which has high resolution which artists call it as “museum quality”. Posters are copies of original works without a limited run of printing. These are great for art collectors on a budget, but are not worth much as far as investment value goes. One must thoroughly research before investing in art. Various parameters such as artist, the artwork, the dealer have to be scrutinised deeply and understood well before making any decision.  There are various sources of buying art such as art galleries, auctions,  art fairs, online. While you may have done enough homework and research before buying art, there is no guarantee that your artwork will prove a lucrative asset for you. Moreover, selling art in market could be quite challenging as it is not a liquid asset like gold. Only limited art buyers will be interested in purchasing the same. Handling and storage of art has to be done with utmost care as even a slight damage to the art work can drastically reduce its value. When you purchase art, you need to choose with a collector’s eye, but an investor’s mind. Your collection should be a reflection of your tastes and a part of your everyday life. Ignore trends and trust your best instincts. Make sure it’s something you love, because you may be looking at it for a very long time!

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