Beware of Robotexts and Spam Messages

A Robotext is the act of making autodialed calls/texts to cell phones. This includes text messages from text messaging apps and Internet-to-phone text messaging. If you receive such calls or texts on your mobile phone,  then please exercise caution. Do not ever respond to them. These calls or texts will ask you to send some details in response which could be your confidential data. This personal data of yours will be used by them to hack into your bank and credit card accounts to make purchases and defraud you. Though there are various laws existing to curb Robotext companies, they are too powerless to check your vulnerable reaction to the Robotext.  So it is your responsibility to be alert and prevent any kind of fraud with you. Same applies to spam messages in your email folder. These emails will seek response to unsubscribe if you are not interested. When you press “unsubscribe” link, it will only make them understand you are an active user. They will send you more such messages through different email. There are many ways to counter the nuisance of Robotext and Spam mails. In an Android based mobile phone, you can simply block that number. The caller from that number will never be able to connect with you. You should also report these spammers to your network provider.  There are various mobile apps such as Nomorobo, Robokiller to check Robotext.  These apps can analyse and identify if the text message is genuine or not. Also avoid downloading unnecessary apps on your mobile. They may be secretly sending your entire data on mobile such as SMS, pictures, stored files, passwords, your internet activity to the fraudsters. These fraudsters can play havoc with your privacy and easily make monetary transfers through your bank accounts. Moreover, your private pictures can be used by them to their advantage. Often you may get lured by Robotext and Spam Emails to submit some data to claim free coupons or discounts on purchases of clothes, food etc. DO NOT ever respond to them and never submit any kind of data, no matter how attractive their offer is. Also they may promise you some commission if you help them in some rescue situation or victimisation problem. These are always baits to exploit your emotions so that they can steal your data and defraud you later. No helpless person will send emails and texts to strangers like this in clear, crisp language. So exercise your common sense and do not fall in the trap. Same applies for dating sites, facebook requests. Attractive appearance of the friend requesting person combined with sweet language is an alluring trap for people seeking companionship. Thoroughly check and proceed. The unknown stranger making sweet talks with you on facebook could be just interested in your money. He/she will seek some money transfer after building up some rapport with you. Immediately stop and block the user. Most importantly, never share any confidential information with such people. The world of mobile and internet is huge and intimidating at times. Always remember, your common sense and alertness will help you overcome the above challenges effectively.

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