Guruji of Gurgaon

India is a holy land of  Gods and Saints. One such great saint from India is ” Guruji of Gurgaon”. Gurgaon is a city near New Delhi, the capital of India. Guruji along with His spouse, Mataji has given solace to countless people seeking solutions to problems related to illness, finance, relationships, spirituality and family.

Since childhood, Gurudev was in search of “something” in life but did not know what. After he completed his matriculation his parents got him married.  But immediately after his marriage he left the house in search of the
something he was always seeking. For about 4-5 years he went around at all the religious places, churches, gurudwaras, and even the mighty Himalayas. But he didn’t get what he was seeking.  After 4-5 years, He started meditation at a place called Santokhsar near Amritsar( in Punjab, India). On the fortieth day of his meditation, he heard a divine voice — “That whatsoever You want to get, You will get only in Your ‘Grihasth Ashram’ (family life).”

He returned to his home and started living his family life. He brought back his wife with full respect and honour. He then came to Gurgaon. He completed his studies and took a job as an officer in the Ministry of Agriculture (soil survey department), Government of India. All this while, his chanting of various mantras continued. In the meantime OM ( a holy religious symbol in Hinduism ) appeared on his hand.

He used to go to different places with his team for the survey of soil. Once he was passing a village near Ratlam in central India in His jeep. Some villagers stopped his jeep and requested him to carry a person to the city who was crying with pain in his stomach. They requested that the person’s life will be saved if he is taken to a hospital in the city, otherwise he will surely die. When Guruji saw the person who was crying in pain, a voice came from inside Him — “Keep your hand with the OM symbol on the stomach of that person ”. The moment he kept his hand on the stomach of that person, the person became alright and all his pain was gone. That was the moment that everybody present at that time, called him Guruji. Since that day he came to be known as Guruji only. Till today most of the people don’t know his name. He is known only as Guruji.

As time passed after that, all other symbols of gods started to appear on his hand one after the other. People with various problems started coming to him and also started getting cured and relieved of their problems. The number of his disciples started increasing everyday.  When the rush of people started increasing , Guruji appointed a particular day for “Seva” (service) every month. He used to sit for “Seva” as early as 3:15 in the morning and continue to meet people till 1:30 to 2:30 of the next day’s morning without even eating anything. He used to keep his hand on the heads of the people and bless each and every person standing in the queue, anxiously waiting for their turn. 

Gurudev left his human body on 28th July 1991. His way of dressing, eating, moving was like any other common man, but his powers were immense. He had the power to bestow anything on anybody. Today, after so many years, every tradition is being carried out exactly in the way he had started it. Sewa is being carried on and thousands of people come with their problems and are still being cured by his disciples to whom he bestowed powers. As instructed by Guruji, the disciples  have started centres all over the world so that people everywhere can get benefitted. For details, please refer the official website.

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