How to have a Nice Smelling Breath

Mouth odour has an important role in your social and professional life. Imagine conversing every day with an office colleague who has a foul smelling breath ! It is literally a nightmare to deal with such a situation everyday. The smell of your breath depends on what you eat and how you brush your teeth. But it is not as simple as that.  Some underlying health problems can cause smelly breath too.  Actually, bad breath odours are caused by bacteria that are living in the back of your tongue, throat, tonsils. A healthy person has bacteria on the throat, tongue and tonsils which easily break down the proteins that you ingest as food . But for unhealthy persons, the bacteria are unable to do so effectively.  This leaves behind some chemicals which cause bad breath.  Here are few causes of bad breath odour due to underlying health problems.

  1. If you have diabetes, it is quite likely that your breath will have a faint smell of pear fruit due to excess of sugar in your body.
  2. People with sinus problems have mucus in their nasal and other facial cavities which gives rise to mothball like smell of the breath.
  3. If you are following a high protein diet with zero carbohydrates, then  you may get a foul smelling breath. This is especially true if you are diabetic  as this condition gives rise  to formation of ketones in your body.
  4. Infected and inflamed tonsils can cause severe bad breath as sulphur producing bacteria breed deep down in infected throat.
  5. If you have a health issue that causes less secretion of saliva resulting in dry mouth, then you may develop bad breath especially in the morning when you wake up.
  6. If your breath has fish like odour, then thus could be due to some problem in your kidneys. Unhealthy kidneys will cause build up of nitrogen  in the body and will give you fish like smelly breath.

The above are few pointers to bad breath issue. If you are not having any health issue and suffering from bad breath, then the reason is simple. You are not hygenic. Simply brush your teeth twice a day and also clean your tongue with tongue cleaner. Cleaning of the tongue is widely practiced in India and it is very simple to do. You may also try the ancient Indian technique of ‘Oil Pulling’. Daily use a good mouthwash like Listerine and chew mint or cardamon. These simple tips will keep your breath smelling nice.

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