Music Therapy

Music has the power to heal you physically and mentally. Yes, this is a scientific fact. Music is an expressive therapeutic tool that helps people improve their health. It relaxes the mind and has a functional effect on the brain. Ancient texts such as Raag Chikitsa have discussed the healing effects of music. Current research and findings support this now. Music therapy was designed for psychiatric patients to help them channel their pent-up and conflicting emotions. Now it is used to address anxiety, sleep disturbances and improve one’s ability to identify and communicate needs, thoughts and feelings in a productive manner. Music produces endorphins which are natural painkillers produced when you are happy. Young people with anxiety issues can focus better, avoid distraction and increase productivity.

Music therapy is a combination of psychology, neuroscience and music. As per the client’s needs, the music therapist must use various factors of music such as rhythm, pitch and melody. Music therapy has seen to promote consciousness in comatose patients especially after a head injury or during metabolic coma. Memory lapses issues can be drastically improved by listening to your favourite music tracks. People of all age groups can benefit from music therapy. Various problems are being addressed through it, namely autism, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, intellectual/cognitive challenges, Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety disorders.

Participate actively in music through singing, playing an instrument. This will activate various parts of your brain in a positive way. Regular exposure to a specific raga ( Ragas are Indian Classical Music melodies) can help you induce a specific emotion as per your need. For example, a person with timid nature can be helped to develop courage through exposure of certain raga. Similarly, a person with an angry temperament can be calmed by playing of another raga.

So enjoy music and keep on exploring the wondrous world of music and melodies. Discover your self and tap fountains of uninterrupted happiness through the Divine gift of music !

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