El Morya

El Morya is an illumined spiritual Master who works for the Great White Brotherhood, which is spiritual group of exalted souls who work for the evolution of mankind and world. He inspired the founding of the Theosophical Society and was engaged in a correspondence with two English Theosophists living in India, A. P. Sinnett and A. O. Hume.

El Morya appears to be based upon an actual man named Ranbir Singh, son of Raja Gulab Singh, who was the ruler of Kashmir in the 1840s. Kashmir was threatened with takeover by the British in 1845, but Raja Singh paid a ransom to convince the British to leave the country alone. When the Raja died in 1858, Ranbir became Maharaja of Kashmir. Historians hail Ranbir for unifying the states of Nagar and Hunza, and for creating humane and fair civil and criminal laws. Ranbir was quite popular among his constituents. He passed away in 1885, the same time that Madame Blavatsky, the famous Theosophist,  was writing her channeled books about the ascended masters. Blavatsky claimed to have spent time with El Morya in India, and she may have been protecting a friendship with Ranbir by giving him a pseudonym.

Master Morya’s personality has been depicted in some detail by various theosophical authors. He can be described as a man “living on the earth, but possessed of developed senses that laughed at time and space.” He represents the Godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative. These are the qualities of the Father principle—the statesman, the executive, the ruler. Ascended Master El Morya is a stern Master. He is nearly always appearing without a smile, but to look into his eyes is to see love on a deep level. He is one of the main Masters of these times, here to assist in these times of Ascension. He is a very precise and meticulous Master.

Ascended Master El Morya has an aura of mostly hyacinth blue with some darker Prussian blue at the edge (as seen in above image).

He is always seen in a turban. El Morya sometimes wears a sapphire surrounded by black diamonds in his turban. He wears a white robe, or a dark prussian blue robe that can appear as black.

He acts as the Inspirer of the statesmen of the world; he manipulates forces that will bring about the conditions desired for the furthering of racial evolution. On the physical plane, he influences those great national executives and international statesmen who have far vision. Certain great devas of the mental plane and groups of angels work with him on mental levels, to stimulate the lesser devas who vitalize thought-forms on earth, and thus keeping alive the guiding thought-forms that benefit the whole of humanity.

The Master Morya has a large body of European and American pupils under his instruction who work with many organizations of an esoteric and occult bent and with the politicians and statesmen of the world.

The Master Morya, like the other four Masters, is an ancient soul who elected many millennia ago to stay upon earth and dedicate themselves to furthering the evolution of mankind. Below we trace the enormous tasks he has accomplished for mankind over countless past lives, which culminated in the formation of the Theosophical Society before he took his ascension.

According to the Ascended Masters teachings, some of the later incarnations that Morya is said to have had include:

  • Melchior (one of the three wise men—the one who gave myrrh to Jesus)
  • Abraham
  • King Arthur of Camelot
  • Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury)
  • Thomas More
  • Akbar (Mogul Emperor)
  • Shams Tabrizi

Students of Ascended Master Activities believe that Morya ascended in 1898, becoming an Ascended Master and that his spiritual retreat is located at Darjeeling, India.

For those seeking to contact and get guidance from El Morya, following invocation prayer is suggested.

“Beloved El Morya, who serves the Divine light, please come to me now. Escort me to the place of selfless service where Divine assignments are made. Shield me from the negative thoughts of my own mind, as well as negative energy in general. Help me stay centered in my commitment to learn, grow, heal, and teach with a positive intent and positive energy. Thank you.”

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