Sri Sanjay Sai Baba ( A Living Saint )

India is a land of Saints and Seers. Till this day, great souls continue to take birth on this blessed land and keep guiding humanity to the Divine Goal. One such living saint of today’s times is Sri Sanjay Sai Baba. Baba resides in his ashram at Kathmandu, Nepal and travels in India as per the calls of his devotees. Born in the year 1988, his Divinity started showing in his infancy days itself. He keeps on performing many miracles for his devotees. He has set up many social service organizations that are serving mankind all over the world. These include schools, orphanages, hospitals and other charitable organizations. Baba’s following is rapidly rising globally. A sincere prayer by his devotee is always answered. This article will not give intricate details of Baba’s life and works. It is simply not required. The aspirant will be called by Baba himself and he will draw him in his presence, no matter which part of the world the aspirant is. Such is the power and omnipresence of Baba. Pure faith and devotion are the only things required to reach Baba. Those who wish to seek Baba’s blessings should call out sincerely from the heart and see the result themselves. 

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