Be a Good Team Player

As you have heard this saying ” “If You Want To Walk Fast, Walk Alone. If You Want To Walk Far, Walk Together.” How true is that ! Simple to understand but very difficult to implement. Yes, it is challenging to work together in teams and move ahead.  Every company becomes great only if its employees work in teams.  A productive and well coordinated teamwork helps drive a company  toward success. This is easier said than done. It requires intent and consistent efforts to be a good team player. A good team player must have many attributes. Below are few important one:

  1. Positive Outlook :A good team player must always have bright and positive outlook. Negative mindset of one team member directly impacts morale of entire team. A positive and bright mindset, on the other hand encourages others in team and builds their optimism and enthusiasm. Negative and positive thinking,both are equally contagious. So better choose to have a positive mindset.
  2.  Have a clear vision of future: It is equally important for a team player to have clear vision of future about his team as well his own. This clarity helps him to focus on work and also give corrective feedback at various levels on different aspects of work. This will save the entire team from non productive work and enable each team member to do productive work at individual as well as team level.
  3. Respect and Help others: Ego issues are common at workplace. Also a team will have members from diverse backgrounds. It is therefore highly important that irrespective of one’s views and opinions about various cultures, nations, races or religion one fully respects other team members and be always ready to help them. This helpful and respecting mindset will make all team members comfortable and none will hesitate to seek help from each  other. Otherwise work will suffer due to holding back the real problems and issues.
  4. Complete involvement with team: A good teamplayer needs to freely mix and communicate with the team. One should not just mind his own business and ignore other’s presence.  If you are an introvert, find common areas of bonding with other team members. If you are an extrovert, be sensitive when dealing with quiet natured people. Help them speak freely and make them comfortable in expressing their thoughts.
  5. Communicate and inform the team: An effective information system should be in place wherein all team members can share common information related to work with the team. This will keep all members in the loop. A good team player must ensure such a system is established and followed to the core. For example there will be conference calls, bulletin boards, group mails, team meetings, Whatsapp group messages etc which teams can use effectively to share all required information commonly across the team.
  6. Take responsibility and show commitment: A genuinely responsible person has an attitude which instils trust within others on him. If you are taking responsibility of any task, ensure that it is completed within time and as per the required quality. This will help a good team player building a cohesive work environment.
  7. Be open and flexible to feedback: Do not take any feedback personally. Also neither give a feedback or opinion at personal level to someone. Remember that you are a part of one big team. Do not bring your personal ego in when there is feedback shared on your work. Be open to negative feedback and look upon it as an opportunity to improvise yourself and prove that you are indeed committed to your work. Never take an criticism at personal level. Always remind yourself that this is needed for your own team improvement.

Remember that only a good team player can become a good leader in future. There are many more attributes that can be appended to the above list. However, the above ones will take care of your journey to be a good, effective and productive team player. All the best !

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