What are Switchwords ?

The human being is the best product of Mother Nature. He is the most Divine amongst all species of the world. Human beings are gifted with the power of speech. Whenever you speak, you use some words. Words convey meaning and therefore they are a powerful way to produce desired effect on anyone’s thoughts and emotions. For example if you start using bad words against someone, he will surely take offence and get angry. On the other hand, kind and loving words will soothe people’s mind and mood. Such is the power of words. There are many ways to channelize the power of words for various purposes. One of the ways is using Switchwords. Switchwords  was popularized by James T. Mangan (1896–1970). He was a famous eccentric, public relations man and best-selling author on self-help topics.

You can use Switchwords for healing yourself, attracting money and fortune, improving relationships, get recognition and fame, achieve success, to build up self confidence.

Switchwords are like affirmations or Mantras (Click link: Mantra Chanting). But they are NOT mantras. Switchwords basically help you to shift your attention or consciousness or energy from one dimension to the other dimension. You can use any word for Switchwords. If you are depressed, you can choose your Switchword as “Happiness”.   Suppose you want to become rich. You can coin your own Switchwords as “Prosperous”. Just repeat this word mentally or verbally or by writing it. Keep on lovingly telling yourself your chosen Switchword. The loving reminder will eventually come true and you will indeed become rich, prosperous and joyful. Yes, it is that simple to use Switchwords. But at the same time, remember you have to be patient, joyous and have FULL FAITH in your chosen Switchwords. It is just not words, but also person, places and memories can help you change your consciousness. Remember yourself as a small child and recollect your memories as a child when you would play with all your friends full of purity, innocence and joy. Whenever you feel low, think and strongly recollect those joyful moments. It will immediately shift your consciousness from sadness to happiness.  You can also use a picture, movie or a song that helps you change your consciousness. An event or a past feeling which can switch your energy is a Switch Feeling or a Switch Event for you. A movie or a song which can change your energy is a Switch Movie or a Switch Song as well. Switchwords are your own design. So creating your own Switchwords will be the best design that you create for yourself. 

Switchword phrases are the phrases made out of combinations of few effective Switchwords without using and following any grammatical rules. Switchword phrases have energies of combination Switchwords to attain desired results. Many Switchwords can be clubbed together to create a Switchword phrase in order to acquire the power of many Switchwords into one phrase for quick results. Creating a shorter possible Switchword phrase helps to attain success soon.  Example of a Switchword Phrase is “I am rich”.

It is strongly suggested to use one-word Switch words than long phrases.  Ideally always create Switchwords with one word to get what you want. A Switchword phrase of 2 or 3  words at the most can be used. Too many words create more confusion . It is better to be precise with your intent. Simple is better. Now that you know so much about Switchwords, don’t waste your time and immediately coin your own Switchword. Best of Luck !

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