Companies can’t improve Customer Experience Until……

Raghunathan K, (M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai), is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience mainly in IT industry intervened by short stints of teaching. He shares many insights on business, human life, world, society, Nature on his blog .

Here is one of his wonderful articles on improvement of customer experience for companies.


“Customer experiences are being harmed because business efforts to improve employee engagement are fundamentally flawed” – Neil Davey (Managing editor,

“As a result, there has been increasing attention paid to the employee experience in recent years, with growing focus on areas such as wellness, diversity, inclusion, mental health, capability development and training.

Yet despite the proliferation of these projects, estimates by Temkin Group suggest that the number of engaged employees still remains disturbingly low – with its research indicating that only 33% of staff are highly engaged, and that number dropping to as low as 26% for those aged 18-24. This last statistic is of particular concern because this demographic is amongst the most likely to be serving customers, whether in contact centers or in other customer-facing roles.”……….Click link for complete article Companies can’t improve Customer Experience Until……

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