Run, Walk, Crawl or Rest

It’s Monday morning. You have to go to office and work. You aren’t feeling too well. You have deadlines to meet. What are you going to do now ? Panic, worry, become anxious or feel helpless ? Well, most of us react with such feelings and start working on how to get well as soon as possible and finish the office work. That’s okay. But there is a BIG improvement you can do in the said situation.¬† Here’s how…

Basically  your body and mind are always either in active or passive modes. In active mode, you are in various states of speed which you can classify as RUN, WALK or CRAWL mode. In passive mode, you are in REST mode. So what does all this mean ?

If you are fit and fine and feeling happy then automatically you will be able to cope with challenges and accomplish lot of work much easily. This is your RUN mode. This means that you are in peak of your form and can perform difficult and high quantum work. But if you are not completely feeling okay, for example, you have hurt your little finger and the pain is bothering, so you should slow down. This is your WALK mode. You are not running. But you are still moving although at a slower speed. Work is still getting accomplished. But what if you are running temperature and having cough ? You will still be able to work but extremely slowly. You are still working but speed is very, very slow. You are in CRAWL mode. Don’t worry. You are still working. Some work is still getting accomplished even though it is less in quantity. However, when you are too incapacitated to work at all, then you simply need to REST. This is your REST mode. Just relax and focus towards healing yourself.

What does all this mean and how this will help you ? Simply use the above knowledge on understanding which mode you are in for the day. Act accordingly. Classify your work, tasks and activities which are suitable according to the above modes. For example, if you have to fill data in Excel sheets, it is not a challenging task. This can be done in CRAWL mode too. So if you are feeling very ill, you can pick this task and leave aside those ones which require intense thinking and concentration. If you are a surgeon the surgery has to be done only when you are in RUN mode. But if you are feeling too tired to do the surgery, then you are in WALK or CRAWL mode. That day, just complete your administrative duty related work or do consultation for patients. 

The importance of understanding the above 4 modes is that you establish clarity of work for yourself and able to manage it much better. Instead of trying to be 100% productive all the time for intense work, you can be productive always without stopping work and not feel guilty about not doing the required work. Once you start following the 4 modes, you will start knowing how easily you can plan and manage your work.

And yes, if you are in REST mode, then please rest. Find healthy and enjoyable ways of taking rest. Avoid alcohol, smoking and other vices. Be an example for the society for effective work management and self-help.

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