Avoid Toxic Relationships

Do you find yourself thinking that a good friend of yours is doing something harmful to you, but you are not able to exactly understand what ? Or on the weekend, you had a nice time with your friends. However after that, somewhere within, you were feeling lost, confused and not confident about yourself. Or did you just speak to a close office associate for discussing some office issue ?  You find that you are feeling much worse after speaking to him. Or you purchased a nice wedding gown for your biggest day in life. Suddenly your friend drops in and after she leaves, you feel you have not only bought the wrong gown but also going to marry a wrong person !

Watch out and beware ! You are surrounded by TOXIC people. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. As simple as that. These toxic people negatively affect your life, mind, happiness in such a way that you never know how and why something negative happened to you. Toxic people have certain traits, which you can carefully observe and understand. They may have one, few or all of the listed below:

  1. Pessimistic: They are inherently hopeless. They never see possibility of bright future and have no goals or ambitions. So they will also want you to think the same way even though you are strong, capable, happy, successful and have wonderful future growth plans.
  2. Uncontrolled emotions: They are simply guided by their mind rather than intelligence. They do whatever comes to their mind and get angry easily.
  3. Depressed: They always are sad and depressed and never seem to find joy in anything. They point out negative things in all good things about your life too.
  4. Poverty mindset: They always find it very hard to earn money and build wealth. Everything is about difficulty, extreme hard work and poverty for them. They always feel they will never have a prosperous life and make you too feel so.
  5. Always in Problem: They are always occupied with some problem or the other and fail too see all good things in life they have been blessed with. So even if you have a perfectly nice car, they will tell you that it is waste of money, very expensive and it will frequently break down ! Whoa !
  6. Thankless: They never feel they have enough and never see what they have already. Gratitude is alien to them and if you are getting lots of help and support from your family and friends, they will convince you that they are doing it for selfish purpose and you should not give much importance to them.
  7. Fake: They always think high about themselves and are cut off from their real self. They will pretend to be of high class and virtuous in order to be accepted by a circle they want to be a part of. Actually they are fake from inside and simply have no self worth.
  8. Destructively Critical: So even if you have some flaw in your work, life or anything for that matter, they will seize this opportunity to pull you down by attacking you with destructive criticism. For example, if you are over weight, they will tell you that you will never lose weight as you are basically a lazy and gluttonous person. Instead of suggesting good solutions, they will amplify the problem with their generous destructive mentality.
  9. Egoistic: They always want to impress others and exaggerate trivial achievements to seek attention and be in limelight. The moment you achieve something worthwhile, they will ignore it and start glorifying their insignificant victories, thereby trivializing your own mammoth accomplishments.
  10. “Me First” Attitude: They somehow feel they deserve better and  before than you. If you introduce your girl friend to such a person, he will ensure that his girl friend is better than yours even though he has none. The kick is in simply having the feeling that he is the first and most suited to deserve anything in life.
  11. Deaf to Feedback: No amount of showing them the mirror of reality will help them. They are simply closed to any kind of negative feedback about them. So don’t waste your time on convincing them how they are harming your life.

Don’t feel bad if you have to break away from them. You can always pray for them within your heart. BUT SIMPLY AVOID THEIR COMPANY AND CLOSE ASSOCIATION. Yes, we  know that you don’t want to hurt them in any way by cutting them off from your life. But remember, they will eventually harm you to such an extent, that it will be very difficult to become normal again for you. You are responsible for your life, health, wealth and happiness. So take charge and stay away from these vampires.

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