Keep Your Company Staff Healthy

You have a very good personal assistant in your office. She is very punctual and can be trusted for important tasks assigned to her. However, you never know when she will call you in the morning to report sick. This is the most annoying problem you have with her that she falls ill unexpectedly and quite frequently. But she is so trustworthy and responsible that you don’t want to replace her either. So what do you do ? Suffer ! No, that’s not the way to solve any problem.

Firstly, please understand that in today’s times, maintaining fitness itself is a full time occupation. City life of current times invariably causes high level of stress. Sometimes you may not even know that you are under stress. Most of us live a hurried and fast paced life in urban areas. Wrong food habits, erratic sleep patterns, lack of exercise, work pressure, commuting to work build up extreme amount of stress within us. No wonder, your employees will always have some health issue affecting them thereby affecting their productivity at work and your company’s profits.

A recent survey showed that¬† companies do not have an effective health and wellness strategy for their employees. Most companies just offer medical insurance plan to their employees and think that’s enough.¬† Companies pay a high premium cost for the staff insurance. But this high cost doesn’t improve their yearly profitability in any way. Instead it is more important to focus towards long term health and fitness of the employees. Research shows that if a company has a good and effective health and wellness program for the staff, then there is 34% more revenue per employee.

Your staff may be present at the office and working too. But if he isn’t well and fit, he will surely under-perform. During appraisal, he may keep his point on his working hard everyday whereas you will counter him by saying that he isn’t good enough in his work. He will not accept your observations as he will feel he is working hard and best to his capacity. On the other hand, frequent absentism by the staff, will pull down productivity of his team too as it is dependent on him for many things.

So strategize and implement a long term health and wellness plan for your staff through following means:

  1. Start a gym in your office which will encourage your staff to exercise conveniently within office as per time availability.
  2. Periodic medical check up programs in the company for various health parameters will proactively track the health of staff.
  3. Engage services of a psychologist to counsel your staff on personal, professional and health matters.
  4. Ensure your office canteen doesn’t serve junk food. Offer healthy, wholesome, vegan food options.
  5. Enlighten staff on healthy food habits through mailers, reach out programs.
  6. Introduce work-from-home facility to help your staff cope with travel issues or other emergency conditions.
  7. Introduce Yoga and meditation sessions in office schedule. This will help people immensely to calm their mind and perform well at work.
  8. Play soft music for short intervals in music at very low volume in background. Research has shown that music has a calming effect on the mind and helps the person feel joyful.
  9. Let the day in the office begin with a quick work out, simple dance or zumba steps. This will charge everybody mentally and physically.
  10. Fill your office premises with lot of indoor plants. Such plants help fight pollution in the office and also enliven the surroundings thereby making the staff feel happier.
  11. Encourage your staff to have more of herbal/ green tea instead of ordinary tea/coffee/aerated cold drinks.
  12. Keep automatic massaging chairs in the office lounge for people to relax during breaks.
  13. Encourage usage of harmless alternative therapies like acupressure, Bach Flower Remedies, Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). These therapies are gentle and effective and go a long way in healing people from within.
  14. Sponsor weight loss programs and events to help your staff cut fat and become lean and more muscular.
  15. Organize weekly sports events such that everybody will like to participate in it. For example, young men can play rugby while older women can play simple enjoyable games.
  16. Drawing and painting has high therapeutic value. Organize events for people to participate in various arts and crafts such as drawing, sketching, painting, knitting, sewing, crocheting etc.
  17. Ensure employees have a deep connect with Nature at least once a week. This includes walking barefoot on earth, exposure to direct sunlight, spending time in greenery, listening to the sound of birds, walking on beach. Connection with Nature heals people from within and energizes them subtly.
  18. Deploy principles of Vastu and Feng Shui in office to optimize the flow of healthy energy in office.

The above are few pointers towards working on health and fitness of your staff. Try implementing simple ones first. Be patient and see the wonderful effects it has on your company’s profits !

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