Guan Yin  – Goddess of Mercy

Compassion is no stranger to any of us. We know what it feels like to be deeply moved by the pain and suffering of others. All people receive their own measure of sorrow and struggle in this life. Bodies age, health becomes fragile, minds can be beset by confusion and obsession, hearts are broken.

Guan Yin  (or Guanyin, Kuan Yin, Kuanyin, Kwan Yin) is the Goddess of Mercy (Compassion) in Buddhism. Guan Yin is the most widely beloved Buddhist Divinity with miraculous powers to assist all those who pray to her. Several large temples in East Asia are dedicated to her namely

  • Shitennō-ji (Japan)
  • Sensō-ji (Japan)
  • Kiyomizu-dera (Japan)
  • Sanjūsangen-d (Japan)
  • Shaolin (China)
  • Dharma Drum Mountain (Taiwan)
  • Mount Potalaka (India)
  • Naksansa (Korea)

Due to her commitment to helping humans, she is approached with any concerns, troubles, or worries. Be it family, career, health or relationships, no trouble is too big to be brought to the motherly and all-powerful energy of Guan Yin. The terms “compassion and mercy” are actually not the best interpretation of Guan Yin’s energy. The energy Guan Yin expresses is akin to what a mother feels for her child—it is fiercely loving and protective, which is a much stronger energy than what we usually associate with compassion. As the legend goes, even though Guan Yin attained enlightenment, just as she was about to enter the heaven’s gate she paused at the doorway and, hearing the cries of the world, decided to return and help humankind find the right path.

She took the vow to help humans, thus Quan Yin is known as the female Bodhisattva. A great protector and benefactor, her heart is full of deep compassion and unconditional love; her energy is God-like. Her popularity has grown such through the centuries that she is now also regarded as the protector of seafarers, farmers and travelers. She cares for souls in the underworld, and is invoked during post-burial rituals to free the soul of the deceased from the torments of purgatory. She can bring children, protect in sorrow, guide seamen and fishermen and render harmless the spears of an enemy in battle. She stands tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, her gently composed features conveying the sublime selflessness and compassion that have made her the favorite of all deities. She may be seated on an elephant, standing on a fish, nursing a baby, holding a basket, having six arms or a thousand, and one head or eight, one atop the next, and four, eighteen, or forty hands, which which she strives to alleviate the sufferings of the unhappy. Because of a profound trust in Guan Yin’s saving grace and healing powers, many believe that even the simple recitation of her name will bring her instantly to one’s side. One of the most famous texts associated with the Buddhism, the ancient Lotus Sutra whose twenty-fifth chapter, dedicated to Kuan Yin, is known as the “Guan Yin Sutra,” describes thirteen cases of impending disaster–from shipwreck to fire, imprisonment, robbers, demons, fatal poisons and karmic woes–in which the devotee will be rescued if his thoughts dwell on the power of Guan Yin. The text is recited many times daily by those who wish to receive the benefits it promises. In her hands, GuanYin may hold a willow branch, a vase with water or occasionally, a lotus flower. The willow branch is used to heal people’s illnesses or bring fulfillment to their requests. The water ( the dew of compassion) has the quality of removing suffering, purifying the defilement of our body, speech and mind, and lengthening life.

Actually, anyone can be like Guan Yin. You may say that you don’t have a thousand eyes or a thousand arms or that you lack skillful means, but it is your compassion that can transform you into a Guan Yin. With your eyes and hands, you can help others. With your compassion, you can bring peace and tranquility to this world.

Guan Yin reminds us, “When you feel the need of greater strength, of illumination, of greater purity and healing, remember that all of these qualities come to you from the heart of God by the power of the flame of mercy itself. For in forgiveness there comes renewed opportunity to fulfill the Law, and without forgiveness little progress can be made.” Therefore, in order to reenter the walk with God, we need forgiveness.

Approach Guan Yin with faith and complete surrender. She will bestow her mercy on you so that you learn to become compassionate and forgiving. Invoke her blessings through mantra in below video.

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