The Power of Tithing

Tithing is giving one tenth of your income to charity. It is practiced in many religions and few people follow it. Fewer people understand the importance and power of tithing. If you always think about your own happiness and prosperity, you sometimes fail to understand that the wealth you are accumulating is not raining from the sky. It is flowing to you through people. Wealth just keeps on flowing between various people. It is like a river. A fresh water river with clean water keeps on flowing continuously. Same applies for wealth. Wealth is not meant to be hoarded for your own selfish aims. It is meant for the welfare of the society and the world such that all entities in the world fulfill their Divine destiny. It is perfectly okay to enjoy material comforts. All you need to do is just give one tenth of your income every month to charity. This is a very powerful and highly beneficial karma which all should practice. The world is one big family. We cannot live in isolation as we are dependent on this family for everything. Yes, we depend on the world for everything we have. Can you conduct business on an isolated island with no people and earn money ? It is impossible. Whatever income you earn in your job and business has actually flown from someone. When you spend this money, you actually pass on this money to someone else. This is how economy works. This is how the world works. So why do tithing, you may ask ? Since you take so much from society in so many ways, it is necessary that you replenish it with the same. A better society will only make your own life better. Imagine if you plant lots of trees as service to the society. Won’t you too benefit from cleaner air generated by the trees planted by you ? The Law of Prosperity says that ” Give so that you receive”. The Universe is a meticulous onlooker and accountant. It ensures that you get only what you deserve. You should do tithing lifelong. You will surely see the blessing and  benefits that it will bring in your and your family’s life. Try tithing for one year and see the power of tithing yourself. All you need to do is just give one tenth of your income every month to charity.

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