The 5 C’s of Excellence

If you think it is enough to make a lot of money in life and enjoy it, you are mistaken. Your purpose in life is deep. Try to answer “What is that you want to be known for?”

While this question is too abstract to answer, you can get clarity if you understand the 5 C’s of excellence namely

  1. Clarity
  2. Competence
  3. Credibility
  4. Courage
  5. Concentration

Clarity: It is very important that you enjoy the work you do. Do you love getting up in morning and going to work ? If not, then please think clearly to understand what is that you like doing. This clarity is very important to know as the base of your happiness comes from here

Competence: Always remember that it is your talent that is your most important asset. It is like the sword whereas the other things like ethics and value are the cover of the sword. If you are an accountant, then your accontancy knowledge and skills have to be the best. Honesty and principles play a role only if you have that talent.

Credibility: You seldom focus on credibility. You focus more on technical skills.¬† Credibility means that when a person sees you, he says that “I can trust this person”. Your high qualifications are important. But more important¬† is your credibility. Your gold medal will not help you in your difficult times. It is only your credibility that will establish you successfully.

Courage: Courage means being gentle, firm, respectful and yet being able to say there is a better way. Always have a voice of your own and stand by it. This quality will make you stand apart from the crowd and bring out your uniqueness. Only courage will make you stand on your ground without antagonising others and at the same time bring out that special person in you.

Concentration: If you are being continuously told by your boss or company to multitask, then please quit your job and find one where you can focus on one thing at a time. Human brains and bodies are not designed for multistaking. Moreover, all of us are constantly distracted by social media, mobile phones and other things. Know this for sure, a task gets accomplished successfully only with good concentartion. Avoid multitasking and distractions. Work with 100% concentration on any task or work that you do.

The above 5 C’s have to be followed meticulously and once it becomes your second nature, you will surely feel happier, calmer, confident and empowered.

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