Upcycling is the process of converting  old and unused items into new and usable products. For example, when you convert your old jeans pants into a shopping bag, you are upcycling. It is very important that you need to do upcycling of various items in your home or office so that you can save money, environment and efforts. Moreover the satisfaction of creatively making an upcycled product is deeply fulfilling. Imagine you have an old coffee mug which you want to dispose off. If you throw it away in waste basket, it will end up in a dump-yard and ultimately pollute the environment for hundreds of years. But a simple creative idea will transform it into a a cactus plant pot or a pen stand or flower vase and continue to provide utility for many years.  Recycling is different from upcycling. In recycling, the unwanted product is destroyed and the material is used to make something else. This process too causes load on environment. But when you upcycle, there is hardly any impact on the environment. There are many methods and techniques of upcycling. Please search on the net and you will be surprised to know how easy it is to upcycle almost everything you feel useless. You can also set up your own business by making and selling upcycled items. Also encourage your children to upcycle their used or unwanted items instead of buying new ones. This will make them more creative, thrifty, responsible and imaginative. Following links give various ideas for upcycling.




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