What are Akashic Records ?

As per certain schools of spirituality and occultism, whatever one does, think or experiences is stored in subtle ether of the Cosmos. This data remains in the ether forever. The Sanskrit word for ether is Akash. When a person dies, he reincarnates in a new body. He faces the results of his actions in his previous lives and his present life is governed by the Law of Karma. All the data of his thoughts, actions and experiences is stored in the ether by highly intelligent, evolved, enlightened beings in subtle world  who are entrusted with the custody of these records. These records are called Akashic Records i.e. data in the ether. Each and every human being has his Akashic Records with these beings.

So you may wonder, what if someone can access his Akashic Records ? Your query is valid. One can certainly access his Akashic Records and know why he is going through certain experiences in life and how to change the course of these experiences. For example, Peter who is facing a financial crisis in his life can access his own Akashic Records and get a better understanding and solution for his financial problem. Similarly if one is suffering due to bad health or a wrong relationship,  one can read his Akashic Records to deal with the same.

One of the earliest references to the Akashic Records in modern times was made by Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical movement in the late 19th century. Blavatsky claimed she learned of the records from Tibetan monks. Nowadays, there are many experts who teach you how to read Akashic Records.  

So how easy or difficult it is to read your Akashic Records ? It is a very simple process. But it needs patience, right intentions and and certain receptivity within you. One has to basically connect himself to the plane of the location of Akashic Records. Just find a quiet, undisturbed place where there is peace and positive energy. Sit there quietly and relax. Feel peaceful within and after some moments, invoke access to Akashic Records through a prayer. Once you get access, you can start asking questions. You will receive the answers to your questions within your mind in the language you know. On certain occasions, you might also start feeling sensations which will convey the answer you are seeking. People have various kinds of experiences.

At first, it seems you are talking to yourself. However after practice, you will start understanding that the answers are coming from a different plane altogether. You may ask questions related to your finance, job, health, education, love life etc.  The questions could be of “how, why, what, when” types. Do not ask trivial questions such as will I find back my lost pencil ? Be specific and genuinely concerned in seeking answers. The process is simple and has to be learnt from an authorized expert. You will certainly get many answers which you are seeking. It is a very therapeutic experience too. You can also read the Akashic Records of other people only after seeking their permission. Do not start doing Akashic Records reading by learning through books. Search for a good teacher who is authorized to teach and then learn from him. This is because you are dealing with another plane of existence. You must know the right things to do which comes only after learning from an authorized expert.

Akashic Records reading can help you, your family and your loved ones in many ways you couldn’t have imagined. Find a good teacher nearby and learn to read Akashic Records.

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