The Mystical Gyanganj in Himalayas

India is a spiritual nation. It is the cradle of human civilisation. The mighty and mystical Himalayas are just not physical mountains. They are the holiest places in the entire world where sages, mystics, yogis, seers and saints dwell since thousands of years in a subtle form and hidden from the world. Many lucky people have been blessed with the visions of these holy souls and this fact has been beautifully mentioned in the yoga classic book “Autobiography of a Yogi “by Paramhansa Yogananda.  In this book, there is detailed account of of an exalted saint called as Mahavatar Babaji“. Over the years, existence of many such souls has come to the light. One of the most fascinating revelation of such secrets is that of the mystical region called Gyanganj in the Himalayas. It is believed by many that this is the same place referred in Buddhist literature as Shangri-La or Shambala.

So what is so special about Gyanganj ? It is very difficult to summarise the importance of this place in few words. Gyanganj is NOT a physical place. It exists only on a subtle plane. The plane exists somewhere deep within Himalayas far away from the hustle-bustle of material world. Gyanganj is a storehouse of Divine knowledge, wealth, riches, arts, music, science and spirituality. There is presiding deity of this place which is none other than Uma, the Divine Consort of Shiva. Highly evolved souls, saints and seers dwell here as per the Divine will of Goddess Uma. There are male as well as female saints.  Their main aim is to do spiritual practices and hasten the evolution of world as willed by Divine Mother. Scores of new entrants are trained under these saints in various fields of yoga, science, art, medicine, healing, arts, architecture, agriculture. They are all almost perfect beings who are divinely tuned with God.

The Theosophical Society under Madame Blavatsky traces its origin to Kuthumi who is an advanced soul from Gyanganj. Kuthumi is an ancient Indian seer who blessed and inspired Madame Blavatsky to start the Theosophical Society. This organisation has been doing great service to humanity through various ways. Dr.Annie Besant, Captain Olcott are some of the well known names this society has given to mankind. El Morya is also one of the seers from Gyanganj.

The first time that Gyanganj was mentioned in detail was by Shri Gopinath Kaviraj. He has said to have actually visited this place. He was a great Sanskrit and Tantra scholar and wrote a complete book making the place popular in modern culture. The book titled “Siddhabhoomi Gyanganj” was published in Bengali and later translated in many languages. Kaviraj’s original books supposedly created a new interest among the seekers of this place and increased the number of people who wandered into Tibet and several universities across the world sponsored scholars to research more about the place. Victoria Dmitrieva researched extensively about it and her research became popular in west. Her book titled “The Legend of Shambhala in Eastern and Western Interpretations” gives good insight about Gyanganj or Shambala from a westerner’s perspective.

It is believed that Hitler in his struggle to world supremacy made desperate attempts to reach Gyanganj and sent out explorers to get the ancient technologies. His motive was to use this occult knowledge for his evil ambition of enslaving the world. The Chinese government conducted several satellite scans of the area to find this legendary place with the hope to uncover the fantastic technologies that the Yogis might have built. But they don’t realize that Gyanganj is not a physical place. One can not enter the place by merely walking. One has to first walk the path of spirituality and attain very high level. At such high level of spirituality one’s desire to find Gyanganj goes down and the place eventually finds you.

Only those who are pure and spiritually developed sufficiently are allowed to visit this subtle place. This place is guarded by Divine beings such as Devas, Apsaras, Yakshas and Gandharvas who are bestowed with special powers to protect Gyanganj. It is simply impossible to detect their presence or actions through our modern science and technology. To this day, sincere aspirants are escorted by advanced seers to Gyanganj and they are trained and guided to fulfil the Divine mission as per will of God. If you aspire to visit Gyanganj and attempt to visit it, this will not happen until the Divine seers decide that. As of now, not much is known about Gyanganj and sceptics believe it is a hoax created by charlatans. However, its existence has been time and time gain verified by many reliable personalities.

Do not think Gyanganj  for amusing yourself with the mysticism associated with it. The sacred science has to be kept away from ineligible and undeserving people. Only serious and pure minded souls with noble intentions will understand the purpose and importance of Gyanganj and will be blessed with the visit to this heavenly place.

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