The Pillow Method

Joseph works as an accountant with a multinational company. He is always working overtime and hardly gets any personal time. But the job is important for him. He suffers silently. Deep within, he aspires¬† for work-life balance. He tried switching jobs. But every time he found himself in the same situation i.e. working for long hours on all days. Then Joseph tried “The Pillow Method”.¬† Everyday, he would use this simple yet powerful method to achieve his goal of striking the right work-life balance. Within 3 months, he achieved it. Now, you might wonder, what did Joseph do ? What is this Pillow Method ?

If you see scientifically, Joseph had always believed that he will have to work overtime at his job. He also added a reason that this was due to the nature of his job. He had actually programmed his subconscious mind himself into this belief. Nobody had forced him to believe like this. It was his own thought pattern which was deep rooted in his subconscious that made him act accordingly. No wonder, he always found himself into jobs that required extra hours of work everyday.

Joseph used the Pillow Method and simply unprogrammed his mind from this erroneous thought. The Pillow Method is simply writing your right thought that you wish to plant within you, on a piece of paper and keeping it beneath your pillow when you go to sleep. Joseph would take a paper and write on it “I believe in the work-life balance and I have achieved it. My job is rewarding and fulfilling professionally and personally. ” He would ponder on it with strong belief and then simply put it below his pillow and go to sleep. In morning he would wake up and read the paper and reaffirm his thought. That’s it ! He did this everyday for 3 months and soon he found that his mind had changed in a way that he could delegate work to his peers, define scope of work mutually agreed by him and his boss and also hire junior accountant under him to assist him. This way, he was able to establish the right work-life balance and got to live the life he wanted to.

You can also follow the Pillow Method to manifest your goals. Before going to sleep everyday, simply write your desire in a positive way on a piece of paper. Dwell on it for some moments and then put it beneath your pillow and go to sleep. Immediately after walking up in morning, read the paper again and ponder on it. Do this EVERYDAY and you will eventually see the results. There is NO MAGIC in this process. It is just that you are able to change your subconscious conditioning by this method. You can choose to manifest many things such as a big house you wanted to own, or mending relations with your loved ones, creating wealth, or just wanting to be happy !

Remember that you use positive and affirmative words in a clear way on what you wish to manifest. Don’t write vague and confused thoughts. Write exactly and precisely what you want in few words. That’s all.

This simple, powerful method can bring unbelievable changes in your life. Try it for yourself and see the results !

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